SAVAGE PARTNERS a little less conversation, a little more action



SAVAGE PARTNERS, the international business breeding-ground specialist.

Savage Partners or how to guide, assist and accompany the establishment and/or the launching of a new company, subsidiary or innovatory project!

Savage Partners offers a pragmatic management assistance to “new technology” companies, but also to every firm that suffers from organizational problems. We have one task: to reach your objectives in the given time and with the guarantee of getting results.

We offer to our customers to hoste and assist their new company projects during the starting, growth and development stage.

+ Added values

We also contribute to the search of new national and international capital, and supervise the Fusion/Acquisition process.

Savage Partners offers thus an operational solution, close to the colleagues. Our function is to throw ourselves into the commercial activity, to integrate into the daily work of the exploited department without being traditional consultants. We collaborate in the heart of the company, i.e. to put a lot into the sales process, to accompany the salesmen in their visits to the customers, to analyse the emerging markets, to report monthly to the board of directors or to the head offices.

A short and experienced performance/mission, that involves all the resources and know-how of Savage Partners, gives to our customers the possibility to establish important strategic leverage in five skills that are essential to the good running of the company and to the starting of activities.

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